Lens Cloth Terry Lined 19 x 23 cm

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Terry Lined Mouse Pad 19 x 23 cm

Introducing our premium Bright White Sublimation Mouse Pad, designed for comfort and functionality. The front of the mouse pad features a high-density polyester material, while the back is lined with a soft, terry cloth. This innovative design ensures that the color on the back does not penetrate the front, maintaining the crisp, clean appearance of the mouse pad.

Key Features:

* Bright white color for a clean and professional look
* Easy to clean, making it perfect for messy work environments
* Flexible and durable, able to withstand daily use
* Super soft texture, gentle on hands and surfaces
* Fully printable, allowing for customization with your designs or logos

Product Details:

* Material: Polyester with Terry Lined Back
* Quantity: 1 piece
* Dimensions: 19 x 23 cm (7.5 x 9 inches)

Perfect for anyone who wants a high-quality mouse pad that is both functional and easy to clean. Our sublimation mouse pad is designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic surface for your computer mouse, while also showcasing your brand's logo or design.

terry lined sublimation blank mouse pad

Lens Cloth Terry Lined 19 x 23 cm


Lens Cloth Terry Lined 19 x 23 cm


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