Love Heart Metal Tin - Silver

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Love Heart Tin

Our love heart tins are fantastic for selling with a customers personal photograph or graphic design. Ideal as a gift to a loved one, you could include rose petals, candles, chocolate or just sell empty with a printed image. 

  • Includes a pure white printable metal insert panel
  • includes a peel-away self-adhesive back to affix your insert to after sublimation.
  • Each individual tin is supplied in a self-seal plastic PP wrapper.
  • We also supply round, rectangle and pencil case tins.

  • Material :

    Aluminium tin with aluminium insert panel
    Quantity : 
    1 PC Tin and Lid
    1 PC Insert Panel

    Product Size : 
    50 x 140 x 45mm

    Colour : 

    Love Heart Metal Tin

    Love Heart Metal Tin - Silver


    Love Heart Metal Tin - Silver


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