Spiral Notepad - Plastic cover A4

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Sublimation blank a4 notepad

Spiral Notepad - Plastic cover A4


Spiral Notepad - Plastic cover A4

A4 Spiral Notepad - Plastic cover

Our sublimation blank Sublimation blank Spiral notebook is double side printable and has a plastic spiral for easy in and out. Supplied with 60 sheets of writing paper. This product is made of premium material to ensure your notepad doesn't break over time.

Printable cover made from plastic. 

  • Printable on both sides ( must remove bind first )
  • Supplied with writing paper. ( 60 sheets )

  • Material :

    Quantity : 
    1 PC Bind
    2 PCS Front and Back plastic cover
    60 PCS Writing paper

    Size : 

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