Linen Notepad A5 - Lined paper

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a5 sublimation blank linen notepad

Linen Notepad A5 - Lined paper


Linen Notepad A5 - Lined paper

A5 Linen Notepad

Introducing our Sublimation Blank Linen Cover Notebook, featuring a fully customisable design that can be printed on both the front and back covers. This notebook comes complete with paper, and the cover is easily removable for added convenience. Perfect for adding a professional and luxurious touch to your business essentials.

Key Features:
- Fully printable front and back covers
- Professional and luxurious look
- Comes with 1 PC Notepad holder and 1 PC Writing pad

100% polyester with a Linen look and feel

1 PC Notepad holder
1 PC Writing pad

23.3 x 16.5 cm

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