Linen Drawstring Bag - 35 x 45 cm

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Linen drawstring sack

Our Linen Sublimation Blank Drawstring Bag features a white draw cord, making it perfect for sports gear, sneakers, or college essentials. Crafted from durable linen material with polyester properties, this bag ensures high-quality transfers for a personalised touch.

Key Features:
- Fully printable design
- Drawstring closure for easy access
- Made from linen material with polyester properties

Linen with polyester properties

1 piece

35 x 45 cm

Upgrade your accessories with our Linen Sublimation Blank Drawstring Bag. Whether for athletic activities, casual outings, or school needs, this versatile bag combines style, functionality, and customisation options for a unique and practical accessory.

Sublimation blank linen drawstring bag

Linen Drawstring Bag - 35 x 45 cm


Linen Drawstring Bag - 35 x 45 cm


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