Linen Cushion Cover White 40 x 40

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Linen Cushion cover White 40 x 40

Our linen cushion covers offer a wonderful canvas for personalisation. Adorned with photographs of the bride and groom, they add a special touch to weddings, housewarming gifts, or your home decor.

Key Features:
- Crafted from premium quality linen material
- Equipped with a convenient zipped opening
- Fully customizable for printing
- High-quality finished print
- Also available in Canvas and Silk feel options


1 piece

Product Size:
40 x 40 cm

Elevate your space with our linen cushion covers, perfect for customising with your unique designs. Whether for a special occasion or everyday use, these covers add a touch of elegance and personalisation to any room.

Linen Cushion Cover White 40 x 40 sublimation blanks

Linen Cushion Cover White 40 x 40


Linen Cushion Cover White 40 x 40


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