Linen Adult Waist Apron with Pocket

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Linen Adult Waist Apron with Pocket

Linen Adult Waist Apron with Pocket


Linen Adult Waist Apron with Pocket

Linen Adult sublimation waist apron with pocket

Our linen aprons are an excellent choice for professional use and personalised branding. They provide a stylish backdrop for showcasing photographs and business logos, making them perfect for promoting your company, school events, kitchen activities, and more.

Key Features:
- Made of high-quality linen material
- Convenient front pocket for storage
- Each apron is individually bagged for easy handling
- Additional options available: burlap waist apron and black/blue canvas polyester waist aprons (sold separately)
- Also available: linen full apron (sold separately)

Product Details:
- Material: Linen
- Quantity: 1 apron
- Size: 44cm x 70cm

Whether you're looking to advertise your business or add a personalised touch to your kitchen attire, our linen aprons offer versatility and style. With additional options available for different styles and sizes, you can find the perfect apron for your needs.

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