IPhone 15 Plus 6.7 - PU Leather Flip Case

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iPhone 15 Plus 6.7 - PU Leather flip case

Introducing our sophisticated Sublimation Blank PU Leather Mobile Phone Case, an excellent choice for both business use and custom personalization. These elegant phone cases look fantastic with photographs and business logos, making them perfect for advertising your company on the back of your work phone or even for selling with a customer's personal photograph or graphic design.

Crafted from premium quality faux leather, our sublimation phone cases exude a luxurious feel and appearance. Each case is black with a white printable area, specifically designed for sublimation, allowing for vibrant, high-quality designs that truly stand out.

The interior of the flip case features a premium rubber inner phone case that securely holds your device, ensuring protection from everyday wear and tear. The soft touch lining material, complete with bank card slots, adds both style and functionality to the case.

Our PU Leather Mobile Phone Cases are designed with convenience in mind. The magnetic closing ensures easy access and added security, while still allowing wireless charging capabilities, making it a practical and stylish choice for your mobile device.

Each individual phone case comes supplied in a self-seal plastic PP wrapper, ensuring a professional presentation and added protection during transport.

Key features:

  • Premium quality faux leather sublimation case
  • Premium internal rubber case for added protection
  • Soft touch lining material with bank card slots
  • White printable area for custom designs
  • Magnetic closing for easy access and security
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Ideal for business use, custom personalization, and brand promotion
  • Supplied in a self-seal plastic PP wrapper
  • Stylish and functional design that ensures your phone's security

Phone Case colour :


IPhone 15 Plus 6.7 - PU Leather Flip Case

IPhone 15 Plus 6.7 - PU Leather Flip Case


IPhone 15 Plus 6.7 - PU Leather Flip Case


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