iPhone 13 6.1 - Plastic Case - White

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iPhone 13 6.1 - Plastic Case - White

Introducing our exceptional Sublimation Blank Plastic Mobile Phone Case, the ultimate fusion of personalised design and professional utility. Each case is expertly crafted from high-quality plastic and supplied with an aluminium panel, specifically designed for custom sublimation printing and seamless affixing to the phone case.

Our sublimation blank phone cases are perfect for both business use and personal customization, showcasing your unique style or promoting your brand. They look absolutely stunning adorned with vivid photographs or eye-catching business logos, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your mobile device.

These mobile phone cases not only serve as a stylish and protective cover for your device but also as a powerful marketing tool for your company. By displaying your business logo on the back of your work phone, you can effortlessly advertise your brand and create a lasting impression on clients and customers alike.

Ideal for entrepreneurs, creative individuals, or anyone seeking a personalized touch for their mobile device, our Sublimation Blank Plastic Mobile Phone Case is the perfect solution. Offering endless customization possibilities, this versatile phone case is not just a functional accessory but also a canvas for your creative expression, helping you make a statement wherever you go.

Premium quality sublimation caseHigh-quality plastic construction for durability and protectionIncludes a white gloss aluminium panel for custom sublimation printingPerfect for personalization with photographs or business logosExcellent marketing tool for promoting your brandSuitable for both business and personal useEffortless customization for unique, eye-catching designsCreates a lasting impression on clients and customersVersatile accessory that combines style and functionIdeal for entrepreneurs, creative individuals, and professionalsTransform your mobile device into a canvas for artistic expressionEach individual cover is supplied in a self-seal plastic PP wrapper.

Material :Plastic

Quantity : 
1 PC Phone Case
1 PC Metal insert

Phone Case colour : 


iPhone 13 6.1 sublimation blank plastic case

iPhone 13 6.1 - Plastic Case - White


iPhone 13 6.1 - Plastic Case - White


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